Digital Metal Casting

Delivering Where 3D Printing Can't

From Design to Metal Parts in One Day

DMC - Office System

The DMC - Office System is a hardware + software product that delivers same-day production

of metal parts - directly from your CAD file.

This is not metal 3D printing - we call it Digital Metal Casting


This approach enables a hands-free metal casting equivalent – without pouring molten metal

Digital Metal Casting leapfrogs 3D metal printing to rapidly produce fully dense metal parts with the same physical properties as traditional cast metal.


3D Printing

3D printers are slow and expensive.


They require specialized expertise to operate and maintain.

Materials are expensive and options are limited.

Despite the design freedoms, 3D printing is not ideal for 99% of metal parts.

CNC Machining

CNC machining is a subtractive process - most of your material ends up on the shop floor.


Despite advances, CNC will always have limitations to the shapes it can produce.


Is great for a one-off.... but 2 parts takes twice as long and costs twice as much. 

Metal Casting

This is an ideal mass manufacturing approach, but high setup costs mean that you can't use it for anything less than thousands of parts.

Outsourcing castings to a foundry can mean weeks-long delays in the development cycle. 

Most foundries won't do short run production as it's not cost-effective. 

Digital Metal Casting is better because ...



Automatically generate parts from your CAD file

Pushbutton hands-free metal manufacturing


Safe & simple, sits in the modern R&D and manufacturing environment



From design to multiple parts in a single day 

Combines the freedoms of 3D printing

Part production speed and economy of metal casting


Zero switching pain to change metals

Currently compatible with Al, Mg, Zn, SS and their casting alloys


Fits into your current development workflow – no special design requirements

Parts are fully dense - functionally equivalent physical properties as metal casting

Post processing comparable to die casting

Meet the Team

David Moodie

Founder, CTO & Director

15 years as an industrial designer working on award-winning new product design and engineering projects - driver's seat perspective on the challenges in rapid prototyping and short run manufacturing.

Laura Faulconer


Extensive experience in deep tech commercialization from pre-seed and seed stage. Engineering, research and investment background.

Josh McIntosh

Mechatronics R&D

Josh is leading the development of our printing technology. He has a wealth of experience in robotics and submersibles and has been a key part of the success of our prototype machine. 

RuiFeng Yeo

Industrial Design

RuiFeng is a talented industrial designer whose masters in 3D printed products and focus on user experience has been ideal for his role in prototyping and design for manufacture.



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